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Top Tips for a Successfull party

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Getting the most out of your magician:

1) If you're hosting a sit-down dinner and have more than 120 guests, we would recommend booking one of Fay's team in addition to Fay. This ensures everyone is entertained and experiences the magic. We generally recommend one magician per 100-120 guests.

2) Fay works best with tables of 10 people; Banquets work better with tables of ten - for some reason, ten is a magic number. Tables of 8 have lower energy levels, 12 and above and it's harder to hold conversation across the table. Large tables of twenty can be undertaken but require a subtle change in emphasis and approach.

3) They look lovely and can cost the earth, but sticking a huge floral display or centre-piece in the middle of the table not only makes it harder for everyone to see the magic, it makes it even harder for your guests to simply interact with one another, and to watch any speeches or cabaret that may follow. Keep centre pieces low.

4) If you're booking Fay to perform a cabaret, or you have speeches during your event, make sure there's a well lit designated area of the room with sufficient space — ensuring everyone can see. A microphone is helpful for over 75 guests (depending on the specific room and conditions) and a raised platform helps focus the attention on the performance area.

5) However good the restaurant / hotel or however efficient the staff, kitchen delays are inevitable when catering for large groups of people. Use Fay to cover these gaps — entertaining your guests while they wait. Your guests will be so taken-a-back by the magic, they won't even notice the delay.

6) Following dinner, if you're due to have speeches, why not ask Fay to perform a few minutes of cabaret first. This will relax the audience and capture their attention — ensuring the focus remains in the direction of your forthcoming speaker, who will begin their presentation in front of a room that is in audience mode, rather than drifting back from the cigarette break and the loo stop. These few minutes of magic will make the world of difference. Alternatively, if your schedule permits, why not book Fay with her full half-hour user friendly cabaret.

7) The more information we have about your event and your guests, the better. Please provide as many details as possible prior to the day. Number of guests, nationalities and languages, dress code, any colour themes, age range, industries represented etc.

Fay cannot, and will not suddenly transform herself into a Samba dancing Ukrainian speaking legal expert wearing a delightful turquoise and fuchsia outfit, but a little foreknowledge can influence her choice of costume and material.

To help Fay best integrate within your event, it is also helpful if we know about any other entertainment you may have booked, including meet & greet entertainers, cabaret acts, DJs, bands, after-dinner speakers etc. If you haven't already booked any other entertainment, contact NMP Live – one of the UK's leading speaker bureaux and booking agencies and they will be delighted to help.

8) If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to call one of the team on +44 (0)1372 361 004.

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